Request Fori refund

Only in the event that the show is cancelled due to bad weather or other technical reasons, you can request a refund and/or a date change. Refunds and date changes are available for cancelled shows only and must be requested no later than 15 days from the date of the cancelled show.

No partial refund and/or date change is available

The booking fee is not refundable.

Non-European customers will be eligible for refunds exclusively for purchases paid by credit card.

If you purchase a ticket through one of the auhorized resellers, you must follow the repayment procedure provided by the reseller

Enter below ONE Sigillo fiscale (Fiscal Seal) you can find on your tickets and the entire booking will be uploaded. See examples below.

Sigillo fiscale (Fiscal Seal)

How to find your Sigillo Fiscale on different kind of tickets – Examples.